Changing Exhibits

Two times a year our talented curatorial staff design, create and fabricate engaging exhibits in our Changing Gallery. Exhibit themed family workshops, performances and family art projects add to this exhibit experience.


If I Lived in a Castle
Thru August 25, 2019

The Museum’s Changing Gallery has been transformed into a Medieval Castle, complete with drawbridge, towers and a throne room!
-Within the Castle Proper there is a Medieval Kitchen where visitors can prepare a feast of roasted capon and eel pie for the King’s table, then gather vegetables and honey in the Castle Garden.
-Explore the Inner Bailey, with its castle forge where the smith makes iron fittings for the castle and repairs armor. Next, a visit to the Queen’s Chamber, where they can try on gowns, read an Illuminated Manuscript, and experience what sleeping on a rope bed felt like.
-A trip to the Apothecary may be in order, to purchase medicinal herbs to cure the ague.
-Young squires can dress up and practice their archery and swordsmanship in order to become knights, and then sit upon an armored steed for a photo op in the stables.  
-In the Throne Room, little visitors can try on a crown and sit on a throne, then learn about heraldry and coats-of-arms, and see portraits of famous kings and queens of old.  

dinosaurs 2019

October 1- March 1, 2020

Enter a world from millions of years ago!
Encounter a Triceratops, a Stegosaurus, a Brontosaurus and many other ancient creatures as you explore the Dinosaur Jungle Maze. Put on a vest and a pith helmet and uncover fossils at our Paleo-Camp. Look through a microscope and examine teeth, claws and insects trapped in amber!  Who was the very first person to discover a dinosaur bone?  Who is making discoveries even now, at the cutting edge of the dinosaur fields in China?  How has our world changed? What does a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a chicken have in common? (You might be surprised!)  Learn the answers to these questions as you join us in our journey through time!