Holiday Schedule & Info

Major Holidays That Affect Trash and Sweeping Schedules

There are only six holidays during the year that can affect weekly trash collection and street sweeping schedules. On these days, trash and sweeping services will be delayed by one day, each day, starting on the holiday, for the rest of the week.

  1. New Year's Day (January 1st)
  2. Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
  3. Independence Day (July 4th)
  4. Labor Day (First Monday in September)
  5. Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November)
  6. Christmas Day (December 25th)

2019 to 2020 Holiday Season Service Schedules for La Habra

Trash Collection

For the Thanksgiving holiday, remember that trash collection will be delayed one day for Thursday and Friday only.  Thursday's trash collection will take place on Friday November 29, 2019 and Friday's collections will take place on Saturday November 30, 2019.  Normal schedules will resume the following week.

Christmas Day falls on Wednesday December 25th and as a result, trash service will be delayed by one day, each day, for the rest of the week.  If a resident has their regular pickup day on Wednesday, their trash will be picked up on Thursday and so on.  Regular Friday customers that week will be picked up on Saturday, December 28, 2019.  The trash pickup schedule for the week of January 1, 2020 will also follow the same schedule format.  All trash services will be delayed for one day starting on January 1 through the end of the week with Friday services occurring on Saturday January 4, 2020.

Street Sweeping and Ticketing

During the week of the Thanksgiving holiday, street sweeping services will not occur and will not be made up for the entire week.  In addition, sweeping citations will not be issued during the entire holiday week.  The regular sweeping and parking enforcement schedules will resume the following week on December 2, 2019.

Since Christmas and New Year’s Day both fall on Wednesday’s this year, street sweeping services will be delayed by one day, each day, starting from each Wednesday through the rest of the week.  If a resident’s regular sweeping day is Wednesday, their street will be swept on Thursday and so on.  Regular Friday sweeping will not occur on Friday or Saturday and will not be made up until the regular schedule returns during the week of January 6, 2020.  Parking enforcement for street sweeping will not occur between December 24, 2019 and January 5, 2020.  The normal ticketing schedule will return on and will continue again on a normal schedule starting on Monday January 6, 2020.

Overnight Parking

The City of La Habra will suspend enforcement of the overnight parking ordinance during the holiday season.  Enforcement of the parking ordinance will not occur from Friday, November 22, 2019, 12:00 a.m. through Sunday, January 5, 2020.  Enforcement will resume Monday, January 6, 2020 at 12:00 a.m.

For overnight parking or other ticketing questions, please contact the La Habra Police Department at 562-383-4300.

La Habra to Offer Used Cooking Oil Collection through the 2019 to 2020 Holiday Season

The City of La Habra's annual Used Cooking Oil Collection Program will be available to La Habra residents through this year's holiday season.  The program will start on November 15, 2019 and will continue until after the New Year ending on January 15, 2020.  The program is held to offer residents a location to dispose of their holiday cooking oil.  The process of deep frying a holiday turkey generates a large amount of waste oil.  Fortunately, through this program, residents will have an easy option for disposal.  All cooking oil collected through this program is recycled into fuel or biodiesel.  Cooking oil should never be disposed of down the drain or in the trash.  Remember to filter out any grease solids from your oil which can harm the quality of the cooking oil that we collect.  Any solids or chunks of grease may be thrown into your organics bin.  This program is offered to La Habra residents by appointment only.  Please call for an appointment through the Public Works Department at (562) 383-4170.

Download the City of La Habra's Annual Used Cooking Oil Collection Program (PDF).